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Wesley Ferrell

Freelance Marketer.

I Believe Introverts Deserve More... More Income, More Influence, and More Freedom to Impact Their Life in a Powerful and Positive Way Without Having to Stifle their Unique Skill Set

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About Me.

"Digital marketing and consulting is what I do, helping introverts own their strengths and challenge the status quo is who I am."

I Believe Introverted Qualitites are Strengths to be Harnessed.

I grew up in a small town in South Georgia. I have always been the quiet and reserved type, and when I did voice my opinion, it always seemed to be drowned out by the louder talkers. 


How does the old saying go?...The squeaky wheel gets the grease (...or the grade...or the promotion). 


I set out on a career in psychology and social work where I often focused on analytics and had success. But I always felt like there was something about me I had to "fix" to truly be successful. As if I had to pretend to be outgoing type...pretend to be an extrovert.


I pretended for awhile, but it became exhausting. This was the cycle I was in until I learned to lean into my introverted qualities and define them as my STRENGTHS. By showing what I can offer, what sets me apart, and what makes me unique, I have been able to remain true to myself. 

So I decided to learn a new skill set around marketing where I could  connect with people and achieve my dreams on my own terms.

Today, I am now a freelance marketer that helps educate fellow introverts to focus on what they love by learning and applying digital marketing strategies.

Whether it's to increase your social presence for partnership opportunities, sell more of your products or services online, or even launch a new idea you have always wanted, your voice matters and I'm here to help!

Watch the presentation below to understand more on how a new skill in marketing can help you create the outcomes you have been ready to create.

My Work.

What is it I do? Freelance Marketing. I am a digital marketer with multiple ranges of skills from content and copywriting creation to social media, ad creation and media buying, building sales funnels, strategy building and design.

I believe in a simple methodology when it comes to creating wealth as a successful marketer. It starts with identifying an audience of people that have a common problem, and then sourcing a quality product or service that will help them overcome the problem they have, then simply get that product in front of them.

I also believe that the skillset of marketing has never been easier to learn and apply. 

True freedom comes from giving yourself permission to be YOU and having control of your time and finances. Thanks to emerging technologies it has never been a better time to take advantage of the new digital age.


Websites Are Dead.

A sales funnel is an experience. With the world becoming more digital every day, understanding how to develop an experience through a digital device to sell your offer is a necessity.


The New Media.

With trust declining for the traditional media forms, the masses are turning toward self-serve media platforms that allow the "little guy" to get their message out to the world. Put it to work for you.


Learn From Proof.

As the performance increases for the good guys, so does it allow more room for the bad guys. It is important to develop trust with who you decide to learn from. Let the results speak over the "Guru".

What Peers Say

I believe that if you aren't growing and learning, you're dying. Here's what some of my peers have to say.

Leigh Worsdale

Prior to finding this online course and amazing community I was a successful engineer with a bright future ahead of me but deep down I knew the lifestyle I was living was far from my dreams. I have a passion to travel while I am still young and healthy. By leveraging the support, resources and social platforms available I was able to build a business online that not only supported my dreams but also gave me unbelievable confidence I never thought I would ever have. This course has opened up my eyes to what is possible and it has completely transformed my life.

Launa Lebeau

We were tired of the 9-5 and looking for a different way to earn income that would allow us to escape the cold Canadian winters. We knew we needed to find a better way to be able to work anytime from anywhere.
We learned about digital marketing from a friend who has achieved success in this e commerce space. We went all in!
Simply put, the training is top notch. We are learning from the best, learning not only new skills but how to apply the skills we didn’t realize we had. We are thankful for the community of experts, mentors and peers who surround us. We now have a plan, are on our way to our dreamlife and can’t be happier.

Roxana Miranda

Through this program, I've learned valuable in demand skills
with real world application that has given me the confidence
in knowing I'll be able to write my own paycheck and live life
on my terms. Having no previous experience in the digital space, I found the lessons simple to follow along to and implement. The community is second to none when it comes to providing encouragement and support. It wasn't until I became aligned with this community of action takers, that I truly believed earning an income online was not only possible but attainable for me. I am excited about what the future now holds for me and my family.

Kristen Spencer

It’s been a dream of mine for years to be able to live on the road full time. Honestly I thought it was more of a pipe-dream, something that only happened to the luckiest of people. But when I found this program, it turned what I thought was a fleeting dream, into a reality. I now have the freedom to work and travel full time. I didn’t only learn how to be a marketer, but gained confidence in my abilities and learned that I am capable of creating the life I want. I’m so impressed with this community, that has lifted me up, taught me, and been there to support me 24/7.

Contact Me.

Interested in learning more? I would love to connect. 


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